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Spandan, an NGO based in Odisha, is working to develop a society where children, women and ecosystems are abuse-free, while at the same time Conserving biodiversity, adapting to climate change and building the resilience of the affected population. Spandan believes that none of these can take place alone.


One of Spandan's current goals is to reduce the impact of natural disasters on those in the tourism sector by working in a more structured and organised way.

Puri, a coastal city in Odisha, is also a major tourist destination. Many here rely on tourism for a living. Puri also faces regular cyclones, floods, heat waves, and other natural hazards. These not only affect the residents, but also impacts tourism, leading to massive instability for those working in this sector.

Spandan’s goal is to reduce the impact of natural disasters on those in the tourism sector. This is no small task – there are more than 3,000 hotels in Puri.

Spandan aims to make tourism a sustainable way of living, even in times of disaster. Communities come together with the help of local government authorities and find solutions to support those who are impacted by disasters. For example, Hoteliers help beach vendors by providing a safe place for their assets. Beach vendors help hoteliers to protect their infrastructure and to relocate guests to other cities.

Women and those from the LGBTQIA+ community who work in the tourism sector are mostly uneducated or have very little education. They usually run small shops around the hotels. These establishments are severely impacted when a disaster strikes. Spandan raises funds for women and LGBTQIA+ communities who depend on tourism for a living. These funds are directed at educating and skilling.

Leveraging technology, Spandan aims to create their own platform for those who are affected by disasters every year. Via the platform, individuals can inform authorities about their losses. The platform will work as a repository of losses registered by people impacted by climate change.

Shilla is a transgender woman associated with Spandan. She was introduced to Spandan during the COVID-19 lockdown. She joined Spandan when she realised that it was an opportunity to be part of a larger, safer community. Today Shilla is a beneficiary to Spandan’s Resilience Fund. With a loan from this fund, Shilla bought a cow and now proudly runs her own dairy entrepreneurship.

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