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Jaljeevika Helps Tarikh Anwar Explore a New Income Source


Tarikh has a business that he runs out of his home and he produces and packages spices such as cumin, chillies, garam masala, and tobacco. These products are sold at the local market and were his main source of income. However, he was not earning enough to meet all his expenses. Tarikh was keen on expanding his business but given his limited skills and resources, this seemed unlikely. 


One day at the local market he spotted a poster about a scheme that Jaljeevika was offering. The poster invited entrepreneurs to take up fisheries as a home-based business. Tarikh reached out to the organisation and had a detailed discussion with them about avenues through which he could expand his business. The scheme would help him set up a fish production system at home. With just a little bit of time and effort, he could add a new income source to support his family better. 


Tarikh was new to the fisheries industry and was clueless about where to start. However, Jaljeevika project staff provided him with the knowledge and skills he needed to start a small business in this area. The project staff was a call away whenever he needed any kind of input.


The main problem he faced when he started his fisheries business was maintaining the ideal water conditions for the fish. Over time Tarikh has become more familiar with the process and finds it easier to deal with day-to-day tasks related to fish production. Now the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is check the condition of the water and plant seeds accordingly. He replaces fresh water in the tanks when necessary. He also uses filters to ensure that the water does not get adulterated. He is usually able to wrap up these tasks in about half an hour in the morning before he proceeds to take care of his other business. 


Through his fishery business, Tarikh is able to produce fish that fetch him a high rate when he sells them at the local market. With this increase in income, Tarikh has already been able to cover what he had invested to set up the business.  The Jaljeevika team has assured him that in 6-months’ time, he will begin earning a profit from the business. 


Tarikh is happy that he chose to start up this business and sees a direct benefit from the new skills he has acquired. He is confident that these skills will help increase his earnings and provide his family with a better life. 

" The Jaljeevika scheme on fish production completely shifted the way I earn a living while still continuing my primary home-based business,”

Tarikh Anwar who lives in Sonapur village, Dhamdaha in the Purnia district of Bihar. 

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