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How Collaborating with Jaljeevika Helped Bijendar Kumar Nishad Expand His Business


Bijendar lives in Harpur village in Purnia district of Bihar. He has a primary business of fish marketing, through which he and his family sustain. Bijendar catches fish from a river near his home and sells them at the local market. The types and number of fish he catches change from day to day, which means that his daily income also oscillates depending on the catch. 


Bijendar was keen on exploring ways to increase his income but did not think he had the skills and opportunities to do so. He was not aware of fish breeding as an avenue for income generation.  One day, on his way to the market, he came across a volunteer who worked with Jaljeevika. Bijendar’s interest was piqued when he learned that the volunteer had information about improving fishing businesses. The volunteer informed him about the work that Jaljeevika does and that he can avail of low-interest loans from the organisation to begin a fish rearing and harvesting business.  


While Bijendar was looking for a loan of INR 25,000, he was able to secure a loan of INR 15,000, as a new entrant into this area of work. With the help of this loan, he set up a fish-rearing and harvesting business, which resulted in more fish for him to sell in the local market. Since the time he has taken up the loan, his income has improved. 


It has been almost a year now and Bijendar continues to run his business which was kickstarted with the loan. After a few months of starting the new business, he was able to take another loan to expand his business. Today, Bijendar procures fish from his own village as well as from other villages. 


Bijendar feels that there are a lot of people in his community who were greatly influenced by him and as a result have availed the Jaljeevika loan, as he had done.

" A good number of people were influenced after seeing how my business grew and they also got a loan from Jaljeevika. My new business helps me earn enough to support my family and I can now afford better living conditions " says Bijendar Kumar Nishad. 

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